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Emergency numbers
USAG Baumholder
Baumholder A to Z
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Key Baumholder telephone numbers
(Dial mil 485 or civ 06783-6 and the last four digits)
When calling from the US 
mil: 314-485-XXXX; civ: 011499-6783-6XXXX
US Army Garrison Baumholder DSN
Garrison Commander  485-1500
Deputy Garrison Commander 485-1510
Garrison Command Sergeant Major 485-1520
S-2/3 DPTMS (Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security) 485-1530
S-4 DOL (Directorate of Logistics) 485-1540
S-1 (Directorate of Community Activities) 485-1550
DPW, Direcotrate of Public Works 485-1560
Community Ministry Team, Chaplain 485-1570
Provost Marshal 485-8014
Public Affairs Office 485-6191
Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment 485-1610
Adjutant 485-6080/7255
SDO 485-6150
EOC/ Force Protection 485-7140
Community Mail Room 485-6505
Chaplain 485-7064
S-1/ DCA  
Family Support Center  
DCA/MWR/S-1 485-1550
S-2/ Security Intel Div (SID) 485-7542
Pond Security 485-7233
Main Office 485-1530
Administrative Assistant  
Marketing & Advertising Office  
S-4/ Director of Logistics 485-1540
Systems Admin Office 485-7583
Maint Inspection  
Plans & Operations 485-7554
PBO/ Property Book Office 485-7583
CDR 485-1610
Detatchment Sergeant 485-6662
Supply 485-6819
Orderly Room 485-1710
MPD/ Military Personnel Division  
Actions 485-7309
ID Cards 485-6199
In-Out Processing 485-8376
Passports 485-7215
Reassignments 485-6430





 The Find-It Guide is an external link. It's a good source for what's happening in the local community, as well as a guide to getting around Germany.