United States Army Garrison Baumholder


Are you on assignment for Europe?

Sponsors can make your transition to a new location and especially OCONUS smoother. The purpose of the sponsorship program is to:


Ø  Provide a sense of belonging

Ø  Ease the transition for inbound service members or civilians and their family members

Ø  Increase productivity

Ø  Reduce culture shock

Ø  Help newcomers make informed decisions

Ø  Cultivate new friendships

Ø   Improve morale


A sponsor is someone from your new unit who is assigned to assist you with settling into your new location. You can request a sponsor through your current unit, with help from the Relocation Assistance Program at your losing unit or through the Relocation Program at Army Community Service here in Baumholder.


Your unit will appoint your sponsor in writing. He/she will be the same or close to your rank and the same marital status, if at all possible. This person will be knowledgeable about the local community and the installation; available to assist you and your family for at least two weeks after your arrival, and be someone who is positive and outgoing.


It is the active duty Soldier’s responsibility to request a sponsor upon receipt of orders to USAG Baumholder.  Please register through the S-Gate system to discover:


Ø  The location of your assignment

Ø  How to get in contact with your sponsor

Ø  How to request specific information

Ø  Where to find helpful Web sites on the Internet



Individuals with pinpoint orders to USAG Baumholder units will receive an advance arrival sponsor. Soldiers with replacement orders will receive a reactionary sponsor upon arrival to Baumholder.  The reactionary sponsor will greet you at the S-bus upon arrival at the Lagerhof Inn.  Your reactionary sponsor will perform the same duties as a regularly appointed sponsor.


The Frankfurt Gateway Reception Center serves as an “interim sponsor” for arriving Soldiers and family members by:


(1) Entering information about arriving Soldiers and their family members in the USAREUR

Personnel Database (UPDB) Theater Replacement Assignment Computer System (TRACS) for retrieval by central processing facilities (CPFs).


(2) Providing transportation for all Soldiers and their family members from the Frankfurt International Airport to gaining communities using the sponsorship bus (S-bus). Civilian employees may use the S-bus only when space is available.

Page updated 10 May 2010