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Important Papers


 Command Sponsorship (Back)

When a Soldier receives assignment orders to move overseas, he or she will receive orders which are either Accompanied (with dependents) or Unaccompanied (without dependents). Family members must be Command Sponsored to be eligible for a fully funded move overseas. The Soldier’s new command must approve Command Sponsorship.


Command Sponsorship provides:


1. Housing Eligibility


2. Travel: Funded travel for all family members. Without Command Sponsorship, family members must pay all travel expenses. Approval of Command Sponsorship prior to the Soldiers arrival in Europe will allow for concurrent travel, in which family members will travel with the Soldier.


3. Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA): Funding provided for up to 30 days of lodging while the Family is searching for a house.


4. Household Goods Shipment: Accompanied Soldiers will have a greater weight allowance than single/unaccompanied Soldiers.


5. Employment: On post employment is only offered to command sponsored dependents.


6. Schooling: Dependent children must be command sponsored to attend DODDs schools.


7. Visas: Command Sponsorship guarantees SOFA status for immigrant residency. Without Command Sponsorship you must use a tourist visa and get permission from the host nation for residency.


8. Postal Service: Command sponsored families are eligible for on post mail delivery.


9. Post Facilities: Command sponsored family members are eligible to use post facilities, including the Commissary, Post Exchange, Gymnasiums, and Medical and Dental Clinics.


Applying for Command Sponsorship


Soldiers that arrive unaccompanied to Germany must coordinate with their Squadron S1 Section to submit a packet requesting Command Sponsorship. Unit level packet preparation should require no more than three weeks. Soldiers who are approved for Command Sponsorship must complete a 3-year accompanied tour in USAREUR.  The following documents are required in the Command sponsorship packet:


1. DA FORM 4187: This document is the actual request for Command Sponsorship and must be signed by the requesting Soldier and the Commander approving the Command Sponsorship.


2. Enlisted Record Brief (ERB): This document will be provided by the Squadron S1 Section.


3. DA FORM 5888 (Family Medical Screening): This is one of the most crucial documents for Command Sponsorship approval. See below for more detailed information about medical screening of family members.


4. DD FORM 2792 (Exceptional Family Member Medical Summary): This document is completed by the MTF/EFMP Coordinator to identify a Family Member with special medical needs.  DD FORM 2792-1 is completed by the school or early intervention staff to identify a Family Member with special education/early intervention needs.  The Command will need to see both 2792s if warranted. 


5. Marriage Certificate/Birth Certificates for all family members: notarized copies. Copies can be notarized at the Legal Center or by the Unit S1.


6. Proof of Custody Court Documents (As required): Minor dependents must reside with the Soldier a minimum of six months per year.


7. PCS Orders for Assignment to Germany.


Completing required health screenings by stateside family members


1. Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) screenings for Command Sponsorship must be done properly to prevent unnecessary delay in completing the Command Sponsorship approval process.


2. Soldiers and Family Members stateside must coordinate with the nearest Army Medical Treatment Facility (MTF). This facility will provide instructions on which military clinic or civilian provider (if the military installation is more than one hour away) will complete the required medical screening. If the Soldier is already stationed at USAG Baumholder and the Family is stateside, the Soldier should coordinate with the Army Community Services EFMP staff to coordinate dependents stateside screening.  This will ensure that this screening is done at an approved facility and expedite the process and avoid delays.


3. After Family members complete the medical screening, all documents will be forwarded to the Army hospital (stateside) for completion of the Army EFMP Review and to receive an official stamp. Completed paperwork will then be forwarded to ERMC for final processing.


4) Contact the EFMP Program Manager at DSN 314-485-8188 or commercial 06783-6-8188 for any questions about the EFMP Screening process. The Program Manager can also answer questions concerning medical screenings for family member who are in countries other than the United States.



Reporting Procedures (Back)

Upon arrival at the Frankfurt Gateway Reception Center (FGRC) at the Frankfurt Airport, you will be processed for further assignment and be issued pinpoint orders to Baumholder. The Sponsorship Bus (S Bus) departs the FGRC at approximately 1100 hours, stops at Wiesbaden, and then arrives at Baumholder at approximately 1330 hours. A 2nd run will leave the FGRC at 1530 hrs and arrive to Baumholder at 1800 hrs.


The FGRC will notify Baumholder of your arrival. Arrangements for lodging will be made for you by your unit sponsor.  Accompanied Soldiers and unaccompanied E7s and above will be booked into the guesthouse or a local hotel. Unaccompanied E1s through E6s will be put up in the unit’s barracks.  The 170th IBCT will also notify the receiving unit of impending arrivals and ensure someone from the unit is present when you arrive.

Arrival day is referred to as Day “0”.  The S bus brings all soldiers (married and single) and their Families to the post guesthouse, the Lagerhof Inn, for drop off.  You and your family will be met by the designated greeter from Central Processing Facility (CPF) and welcomed to the community.  A "Welcome Packet" is provided at this time. CPF will then introduce you and your family to your unit sponsor. Family Members will be directed to lodging and you will be taken to the unit for the initial “Meet & Greet”.


The following day is “Day 1.”  Soldiers report, in uniform, to the unit to begin in-processing.  Units are responsible for the Soldier’s transportation.  You will be with the unit until 1330 at which time all new arrivals are to report to the ITC classroom for further inprocessing.  You will need to provide a copy of the following items for your initial briefing on “Day 1”: 


-          Complete set of orders

-          DD 93, Leave form

-          201 file

-          DD 788 POV shipping document

-          TA-50 measurements (sizes)


Starting with ITC1, Soldiers follow their schedule.  All spouses are welcome and are encouraged to attend the ITC2 inprocessing appointments with their spouse.  The Army Community Service (ACS) Relocation program conducts a welcome briefing during the morning portion of ITC2 and provides a post and local community tour for spouses.  Spouses then attend an afternoon program geared toward a lifetime of wellness. The next two weeks the Soldier is scheduled to attend four different modules of In-processing Training Center (ITC) classes. 


Soldiers are also scheduled to attend a 4-day long German Head Start Language program in week three.  Spouses are welcome to attend this program and are scheduled on a space available basis.  Childcare is not provided.  The class teaches basic German phrases, how to read train and bus schedules and how to order food at a restaurant.  ACS offers a three day R.O.C.K. (Relocate, Orientate, Communicate, and Know) program geared towards Spouses to assist with the transition to overseas living.  Field trips provide opportunities to experience public transportation, local shopping and restaurants. 


Financial Entitlements (Back)

Monetary Allowance in Lieu of transportation (MALT):  Allowance for Service Members who drive their own vehicle to the new assignment.  The rate is based solely on mileage.

Per Diem Allowance:  Service Members entitled to MALT will receive a flat dollar amount each day of authorized travel.  The amount depends on the number and age of authorized travelers.

Dislocation Allowance (DLA):  Provides partial reimbursement for expenses associated with setting up a new household.

Advance Pay and Allowances:  Service Member may request advance pay 30 days before and up to 60 days after a PCS move.  Be smart about taking advances; take what you need and need what you take as you will be required to repay the advance soon after your arrival.

Cost of Living Allowance (COLA):  COLA is compensation provided to adjust for the high cost of living overseas in areas where the cost of living exceeds the average cost of living in the United States.

Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA):  Payment is made to Service Members who live off-post in private housing.  OHA rates vary depending on rank and family size.  Service Members must apply for OHA.

Moving In Housing Allowance (MIHA):  Provides a lump sum supplemental payment for those eligible for OHA.  MIHA assists in covering expenses related to set-up of the new household.

Temporary Housing Allowance (TLA):  TLA is designed to offset the cost of temporary lodging and meals when arriving OCONUS.


Dining Options (Back)

On Post:


Operating Hours

Other information


Burger King

Bldg 8219

Mon – Fri 0630 – 2000, Sat – Sun 0800 - 2000



Bldg 8575

Mon – Wed 1000 – 1900, Thur 1000 – 2000,

Fri – Sun 1000 – 1900

Early bird hours are from 0830—1000 20 items or less, self check out lane only.  The deli is not open during early bird hours.

Dining Facilities

Bldgs 8311, 8544


DFAC #1 Breakfast 0700 – 0900, Lunch 1130 – 1300, Dinner 1630 – 1800, DFAC #2 Breakfast 0700 – 0900, Lunch 1130 – 1300, Dinner 1700—1830



German DFAC 06783 2092

Food Court

Bldg 8125

Mon—Sun 1100—2000

Anthony’s Pizza, Baskin Robins,

Popeye's, Taco Bell

Java Café

Bldg 8661

co-located with CMR


Mon – Fri 0700 – 1800, Sat – 0800 – 1700, Sun – 0900 – 1400, Holidays 1000 – 1700

Wireless hotspot is available during operating hours.


Bldg 8085

Mon—Fri 1100—1330 lunch buffet,


Dinner buffet offered Thur—Fr.  Dinner off the menu only on Tues—Wed.


Bldg 8251

Open 24 hours



Bldg 8167

Outdoor Recreation

Mon—Tues & Thur– Sun 1700—2300

Closed on Wednesdays.


Strike Zone Snack Bar

Bldg 8105

Mon—Thur 1130—2200, Fri—Sat 1130—2300,

 Sun 1300—2100



Bldg 8401

Mon—Fri 0800—1900, Sat 1000—1900, Sun 1100—1800



Off Post:


Operating Hours

Other information


Afrin Kebab

Poststr. 9

Monday—Sunday 1100—2300

No delivery.  Serves Kurdish


No delivery.


Café Dolomiten

Poststr. 1a

Monday —Saturday 0730—2100, Sunday 1000—2100,  closed December—February

No delivery.  Serves original Italian ice cream, coffee, latte, cappuccino, etc. 


Haupstr. 7


Monday—Friday 1700—2300, Saturday 1130—1330, Sunday closed

Delivery on and off post. 06783-4181

Serves American and German fast food.

Cihan’s Kebab Haus

Kennedy Allee 16

Monday—Thursday 1100—2300, Friday 1100—0100, Sunday and Holidays 1200—2300

Delivery on and off post from 1130—1330 & 1700—2300. 06783-185173 Serves Turkish specialties, kebabs, etc.

Gasthaus Guthausmühle

Fam. Edinger

Open for lunch 1130—1400, Monday 1600—2000, Tuesday—Sunday 1000—2000, closed Wednesday

No delivery.  Serves regional dishes.

Hong Kong 97

Bahnhofstr. 37

Monday—Friday 1100—1430 & 1630—2300,

Saturday—Sunday 1200—2300

No delivery.  Serves Chinese food and lunch buffet.

Hotel Berghof

Korngasse 12

Monday—Saturday 1730—2300, Sunday closed


No delivery. Serves German and Italian food.

Hotel Westrich/

Bistro Pierrot

Reichenbacher Str. 1

Tuesday—Sunday 1730—2230, Monday closed

No delivery.  Serves regional dishes, specializes in schnitzel.


Hotel Zum Stern

Ausweilerster 2

Tuesday—Friday & Sunday 1030—1430 & from 1700,  Monday closed

No delivery. Serves regional dishes with meat and fish.

Landhotel Ullrich

Haupstr. 12-14

Open by appointment only. 06783-9020

No delivery.  Serves lunch and dinner buffet, regional dishes and seasonal specialties.

Pizzeria Etna

Pfenningstr. 2

Tuesday—Sunday 1145—1400 & 1700—2300,

Monday closed

Delivery on and off post after 1700. 06783-7603. Serves Italian food.

Pizzeria & Pasteria


Poststr. 10

Monday—Sunday 1700—2230, Tuesday closed

Delivery on and off post. 06783-1670. Serves selection of pizza, pasta, and meat.

Ristorante Italia Pizza

Kennedyallee 26

Monday—Sunday 1730—2200, Wednesday closed

No delivery. Serves a selection of pizza and pasta.


Berschweiler Str. 20

Monday—Thursday 1100—0200, Friday—Saturday 1100—2400, Sunday 0600—0200

No delivery.  Serves sandwiches.

Zum Stadtkrug

Poststr. 12

Monday—Saturday 1700—2200, Sunday closed

No delivery. Serves regional dishes, specializes in BBQ from open grill.