Community Mail Room

Page Updated: 07 July 2014



Community Mail Room (CMR 405)

Building # 8661




SATURDAYS 9:00-12:00




Welcome to Baumholder. The information below will familiarize you with the services of our community mail room.Subjects such as your new address, how to open your mail box, who is authorized a mailbox and more are covered below. If you need any help or have any questions please fell free to ask any of our mail clerks or you can contact us at mil 485-6505.


Your complete mailing address is as follows:


Your name (Rank, Last, First, MI)

Unit Name or Organization

CMR 405 Box #

APO AE 09034-(Plus last 4 digits of your box #)


FYI:  See the last page for your combination.


* Only ID card holders with logistical support and their dependants are authorized a box at the CMR. All family members who receive mail at your box must be listed on the DA Form 3955 at the time the box is opened. New family members can be added anytime thereafter.


* You are required to do an update when you have a change in your workplace or number of family members.


* Due to the fact that we have a lot of common last names; it is required that you use both your last and first name with middle initial in your address.


* “In care of" (c/o) mail is only authorized if both parties have logistical support.


* Due to limited storage space, we ask that you check your receptacle daily.



* If for any reason you have to leave for more then 5 days (Leave, TDY, hospital, etc.), you must fill out a DD Form 2258, which is located in the lobby of the CMR. (We can only hold your mail for 45 days if you fail to notify us. Any mail after 45 days must be returned to sender).


* For inventory and location purposes, we ask that you leave all package notices (Yellow and pink cards) in your box when we are closed. Without the location number printed on your card, we will not be able to offer you prompt service. 


* If you are sponsoring incoming personal, you can request a box for them 60 days prior to arrival. Note: You must have a copy of their orders.


* When mailing packages to yourself while on leave, we request that you mail them a few days prior to your return due to limited storage space at your CMR.


* For security purposes we do not give out any information concerning mail or personnel over the phone, nor are we authorized to check your receptacles for you.


* Items intended for resale or rental cannot be received through your CMR box.


* We cannot accept mail from private carriers. All mail we receive must be first processed by the APO. (Ex: UPS, Federal Express).


* Official mail cannot be received in your personal box. It must be picked up at the Official Mail Room by the Official Mail Clerk for the Unit.


* The CMR also has boxes for private organizations, which are authorized by the USAG Baumholder, within the Baumholder Military Community. Bulk mailing to the CMR by private organizations must be in sequence by box number and have the return address of the sender. Private organizations use "PO" in the upper right corner in place of postage instead of "MPS".


* Mailing to another APO, AE and selected AP addresses do not require postage. Just print "MPS" in the upper right hand corner in place of postage.


* Some companies do not recognize AE as a valid state for mailing; this is typical when using automated systems like online shopping. You can use APOAE as the city and NY as the state when this happens.


* Upon PCS/ETS your first class mail will be forwarded for 13 months and second-class mail (magazines, periodicals, etc.) will be forwarded for 2 months. Bulk rate mail cannot be forwarded to the states.



* Accountable mail can only be refused at the time of delivery.  Non-Accountable mail can be refused at any time as long as it has not been opened.


* All claims for certified, registered, insured, and express mail must be filed at the Army Post Office (APO).


* Accountable mail can only be held for 15 days by the CMR. Non-accountable mail can only be held for 45 days by the CMR. All mail that exceeds these time limits will be RETURNED TO SENDER.


* All outgoing mail, money orders, purchasing of postage stamps, etc., are transactions that must be made at the APO.


*  During the winter months, the mail trucks can experience weather related delays and are normally late and sometimes do not arrive at all, so delays in service are to be expected. We ask for your understanding in this matter.


* The Christmas hours and all mailing deadlines will be posted for the holidays at both the CMR and the APO.


* Regulations that govern the CMR are DOD REG 4525.6-M VOLUME II, UASEUR REG 600-8-3 with change 1, ARMY REG 600-8-3, and VR 10-4.





            1.         General Instructions:

a.   Check your receptacle daily.

b.   Notify all correspondents and publishers of your correct mailing address.

c.   Do not allow unauthorized personnel overseas to receive mail through your receptacle.

d.   Do not place or store items in the receptacle: it is issued only so you can receive mail placed there.

e.   Promptly advise your local facility of any temporary or permanent change in status, i.e., leave, TDY, TAD, reassignment, etc.

f.    Any member of your family who has a valid military ID card may be given the receptacle combination or any mail addressed to the family except restricted delivery mail.  However, you may state in writing that no member other than yourself is authorized access to the receptacle combination or mail placed therein.


3.   Your Combination is:


4.   How to Open:


a.   Turn dial indicator right 3x or more and stop at first #

b.   Turn dial indicator left pass first number once and stop at second #

c.   Turn dial indicator right until tight to open. Note: Dial may pass last # before getting tight.


For more information, send an email to: