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Phone EEO Manager: Military (314) 485-7118/7450

 Phone EEO Acting Manager Specialist: Commercial 001-49-6783-7118/7450

EEO Office, Building 8664, Smith Barracks

Mailing Address: IMEU-BMH-EEO, Unit 23746, Box 51, APO AE 09034


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Equal Employment Opportunity Program


The Department of the Army's (DA) policy is to provide equal opportunity in employment for all people, and to prohibit discrimination in employment because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, reprisal or genetic information.


LTC Sam McAdoo, the USAG Baumholder Commander provides leadership of the EEO Program by promoting a climate of fair and equitable treatment within the workplace and ensuring managers are accountable for establishing a work environment free from discrimination, intimidation, unfair treatment, or sexual harassment.


Mr. Michael Ward-Maxwell, the USAG Baumholder, EEO Manager, is responsible for managing a comprehensive EEO program for the commander on all matters pertaining to the EEO program operations and ensures equal opportunity in all aspects of employment for Army civilian employees and applicants for employment.



Contribute to the US Army's mission by leading the effort towards maintaining a work environment free from unlawful discrimination; developing a workforce reflective of our nation's diversity; and institutionalizing equal employment opportunity (EEO) as part of the USAG Baumholder. We will execute this by providing comprehensive EEO and Special Emphasis Programs of the highest quality and serving each customer as our most important customer. 


·     Demonstrated commitment from leadership by translating equal opportunity into every day practice and making those principles a fundamental part of our workplace culture.

·      Integration of EEO into the strategic mission by ensuring EEO professionals are involved with, and consulted on, the management and deployment of human resources.

·      Management and program accountability by assisting professionals improve their effectiveness and maintaining clearly defined, well-communicated, consistently applied, and fairly implemented personnel policies, selection and promotion procedures, evaluation procedures, rules of conduct, and training systems.

·      Proactive prevention of unlawful discrimination by preventing discrimination on the bases of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, reprisal and disability, and the elimination of barriers that impede free and open competition in the workplace.

·      Efficiency by maintaining an efficient, fair, and impartial complaint resolution process.

·     Responsiveness and legal compliance by ensuring decision makers are in full compliance with the law, including EEOC regulations, orders, and other written instructions.

·      Ensure the rights of applicants, employees, and former employees are protected and have equal opportunity and access to engage in fair and open competition for employment opportunities and other programs administered by the US Army.

·      Focus on customer service that prevents and eliminates discrimination that impairs the ability of individuals to compete in the workplace.

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