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AFAP needs delegates

Delegates are needed to represent the Baumholder community at the annual USAG Baumholder Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) Conference Oct. 19 and 20. AFAP is an initiative which allows communities to provide feedback to Army Leadership about what is working and what isn't and what they think will fix it. 

If you fall into one of the following categories AFAP needs your passion to improve the Army.

lEnlisted Service Member or Family Member  of an enlisted Soldier

lOfficer Service Member of Family Member of an officer


lDA Civilian

Fill out and return the attached delegate application form to ACS today!

AFAP conference delegate application

AFAP conference Oct. 19-20, 2011 information

Get involved

Do you have an opinion about what the Army can do differently?  Submit an issue at:

Baumholder AFAP issues

2011 AFAP Steering Committee briefing, Feb. 14

2011 AFAP Conference outbrief

2011 AFAP Issue Update Book

2011 AFAP Index of Active Issues

2010 AFAP Conference issues, Feb. 17, 18

USAREUR AFAP conference results 2009

AFAP forms - get involved
AFAP issue email form (PDF format)
AFAP issue email form (JPG format)
United States Army In Europe Issues Book

Submit your issues

"Submit your issue for consideration in the next local AFAP conference or view the status of DA issues:"

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